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The Overall Environment of the Retreat
                                              License of Sports And Wellness                                       Organization Number: 52420300MJH5019488    
 Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy ( WTWA) is situated right up in the Wudang Mountains, near the Purple Heaven Palace.
If you mean to find a place rather than below the mountain, WTWA is your best choice!
     WTWA was established by  Gu Shining,  an  English - speaking Taoist Master who is adept at Tai Chi Chuan. Master Gu is to help you to explore deeper into the Taoist culture !
    Let's see the surroundings: on the one hand, it is located UP IN THE  MOUNTAINS; on the other hand, it is off the touristy places, such as scenic spots,  parking lots and hotels and restaurants.
  Like a shy maiden, the retreat is hidden among the forests,  surrounded by green teas and colorful flowers,  with white clouds
seen floating now and then.
 顾氏驿站 (GU'S TAO HOUSE