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The World’s Centre For Wellness Is In China
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Taoist Wellness


       These days , more and more people, not only from China but also from other coutries, have come to know about Wudang Mountains. Those outside of China spell it in various ways: Wudang or Wu Dang; Wutang or Wu Tang; Wudan or Wu Dan; Wutan or Wu Tan …

   They first knew of the name most probably because of the name of a famous music band: Wu Tang Clan. It is said that the band got its name enlightened from an ancient Chinese martial art from Wu Tang Mountain.

     In the year of 2000 ,An Lee's famous film Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon 
further aroused people's intrest in this amazing mountain with rich legacy of Taoist gongfu. Most recently, Jack Chan's film Karate Kid once again motivate lovers of both Chinese Wushu and Taoist philosophy to explore this beautiful mountain in the heartland of China.

The Chinese call it Wudang Shan, shan being mountain. It is located in the northwest part of central China’s Hubei Province.Wudang Shan (Mountain) is famous as a sacred land for Chinese Taoism (Daoism) and original place of Tai Chi Chuan. Talking about Chinese Wushu, there has early been a saying:

Bei Chong Shaolin, Nan Zun Wudang

Translated into English, it means: (People in the martial arts circle) esteem the Shaolin style in the North and respect the Wudang style in the South.
 As time goes on, especially in the times when human being’s attack or defense, if they have to do so, has largely depended on weapons or technology, the function of wushu has conciously or unconciously shifted to physical or spiritual wellness. If Shaolin style, representative style for Wai Jia or external Kong Fu, still appeals people for the effect of attack or defense, Wudang style, representative style for Nei Jia or internal Gong Fu, lays strong emphasis in human wellness as its tradition did.
Since Wudang Kung Fu has been rooted in the fertile Taoist land, we most often call it Taoist Gongfu. Therefore it is necessary to point out, as you also can see easily, that the wellness in this website is around Taoist wellness. And this is how we gave the name to our institution:Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy.(WTWA).

Today, people all over the world come to realize the importance of their own health. So Yangsheng, which means health preservation,
or health maintenance, or health keeping, has been becoming what people concern as priority. Wudang Mountain has its historical reason to be the centre of health preservation. WTWA is endeavouring to be the chief promoter of Wudang Yangsheng culture. We also have reason to be confident: compared with the other Wudang martial arts schools, we have the teaching staffs with the combined knowledge of Qi Gong, Taiji forms,Taoist philosophy, the English language and dealing with visa issues. We ARE the one who can help with your smooth and fruitful stay!!!

It's reasonablly believed that, with this website and with our academy, you will get deeper exploration of Wudang Taoist culture, covering internal alchemy,meditation, Qi Gong (chi kung), Tai Ji Quan and Wudang Wushu,as well as various Taoist studies. Welcome to learn Yangsheng (wellbeing or wellness) in Wudang Shan, where you can fulfill your dream of finding the Grand Dao, gaining wellness, attaining FU SHOU KANG NING and becoming immortal!

Gu Shining's Master in meditation

Taoist Master Gu Shining with the Hawaii Group 
5-animal Qi gong on the top of Mt. Wudang
Taoist Music played by Shining & Little Jade
Laojun Yangsheng Gong
Taoist Master Shining in teaching