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Master Gu

Best English-speaking Martial Artist and Tai Chi Master

from Wudang Mountains


Gu Shining is the director of Wudang Taoist Culture Centre (WTCC) and headmaster of the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy.
Among the martial artists in Wudangshan area, he is one of the few who was born here and the one who can teach in perfect English .
While the most institutions focus on movements teaching, he's been directing his academy to follow the way: not only movement but also cultural exploration;
not only Tai Ji, Qi Gong, meditation, but also Accupuncture, Tuina, culinary art, calligraphy, Guqin and Mandarin.

Gu Shining's Chinese name is Gu Shiyi. Shining is his Taoist name as he is the 15th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Pai or sect,
his Shifu (Fatherly Teacher) being Grandmaster Zhong Qingwei( Taoist name) or Zhong Yunlong.


Virtue is peaceful and joyous, and from peace and joy comes grace. Master Gu's virtue, as it flows along these lines, pours out in his life as it does in his taiji quan practice: he literally flows! Looking at him perform one of the set forms, it feels like watching the ocean… Watching him is almost as soothing as doing taiji oneself… He looks like a gracious wave smoothly rolling on the sea on a beautiful sunny day, and while watching him, we suddenly feel as though we were floating on this big, comfortable wave and were carried away with it…


Talking about Chinese martial Arts,there are roughly 8 different branches:
Qingcheng, Kongdong,  Hengshan, Huashan,Emei, Kunlun, Wudang and Shaolin.
They can be categoried to either internal Kung Fu or external Gong Fu,respectively represented by Wudang Pai and Shaolin Pai.Internal Wushu includes:Tai Chi or Taiji, Hsing I or Xingyi, , Pa Kua or Bagua.

    Wudang gong fu or  gongfu is deeply rooted in Taoist culture,so we also call it Taoist Gong Fu
 Nowadays people come onto the Mt Wudang (Wudangshan)chiefly for the purpose of health preservation.
As it’s quite much related to Taoist philosophy, we name it Taoist wellness.The main content is:
health qigong (sometimes you also see qi gong, chi gong, chi kung which remain the same meaning),  Meditation and Tai chi chuan.


He, together with his team members, welcome you to Wudang Taoist cultural program!
Contact us via
wudangshining@gmail.com wudangchina@hotmail.com

mobile: 0086 13886803653
wechat: Shining503
or even through our Facebook: Shiyi Gu

 Shining (in the very middle) , together with his team members, 

in a scene of Jack Chan's latest film, "Karate Kid"   

Meditation on Mt.Wudang

Master Gu Shining practises Wudang Tai Chi 28 Forms

Master Gu in teaching

Wudang Wushu Inheritor Acknowledged By the Government (2008)

Wudang Wushu Inheritor Acknowledged By the Government (2010)