1) Wudang Tai Chi Retreat

FOR WHOM – For anyone who is having a China trip and wish  to enjoy the tranquility of Wudang Mountains and have a taste of Taoist wellness Chi Kung or Tai Chi.
          OBJECTIVE –to learn a short form Tai chi chuan while having sightseeing in Wudang Mountains
          DURATION --- One-week retreat (twice a year, May 5-12. Sep 5-12)
          CONTENT---  Pick-up; Mountain entry fee;
                                       Practice 8-form Wudang Tai chi chuan;
                                      Taoist philosophy lecture;
                                      Sightseeing of Taoist temples;
                                      Food in WTWA;
PRICE --- 3 thousand yuan per retreat which includes

2) Wudang Taoist Wellness Study Program

FOR WHOM – instructors or would-be instructors
OBJECTIVE –learn something from Wudang China to enrich the teaching content and method
DURATION ---one month to one year
CONTENT--- Wudang Tai chi chuan 8,13,28.33; Sanfeng Taiji Sword 64 form,
                             Taoist health Qi Gong; TCM
PRICE ---  6 thousand yuan a month to 60 thousand yuan a year containing food and accommodation

3) Learn Wudang Kungfu

Fast form, explosive, martial application, attack and defense, Wuxia, Wushu, Kungfu,

FOR WHOM – young wushu enthusiasts; instructors or would-be instructors in martial arts schools
OBJECTIVE –learn something from Wudang China to enrich the teaching content and methods
DURATION: 1 month to 1 year

CONTENT: Basics, Taiji 28, Xuanwu Fist, Xuanmen Sword, Bagua Palm
PRICE – 6 thousand yuan a month to 60 thousand yuan a year

3) Package Study Program 

FOR WHOM --- those who, time permitting, are going to learn as systematically as possible so as to be a qualified representative of Wudang Taoist culture ( philosophy, Tai chi Chuan, Gongfu, wellbeing and all related aspects)

CONTENT --- Tai chi, Kung fu, Taoist philosophy, TCM, music
DURATION --- 1 - 2 years
PRICE – 6 thousand yuan a month,60 thousand yuan a year, 100 thousand yuan for 2 years

4) Wandering Taoist Program

FOR WHOM – those who are simply fond of our place of peace and wanna experience a life like a wandering Taoist
CONTENT ---Wu wei "Non-action": no training, no connection with the outside world , lie down,
work in the vegetable garden, cook, wandering in different temples, chat with the local people
DURATION --- random duration,from one day to one year.
PRICE – cheaper than regular study fee

5) Invite a Taoist Master from Wudang, China


Invite the master home to teach you personally according to your needs: perhaps you would like to improve your whole family's wellbeing, or increase your employees overall health and productivity, maybe you wish to learn with your friends, no matter your situation, if circumstances prevent you to travel to China, bring the master home!   
A Wudang native, Master Gu can offer class in perfect English apart from his own native language, Mandarin. Thanks to his combined ability of unique  Taoist martial arts and the international language, he has been invited to such countries as Spain, Brazil,Russia, Mexico. And some institutions from USA are contacting Master Gu......

One-week Retreat

20 thousand per week from March to October; 15 thousand yuan per week from Nov, dec and Jan.

60% discount for the retreat in those countries rather than in Europe, North America and Oceania.