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Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy (WTWA)

Wudang Tai chi chuan (Taiji Quan),
Chi Kung (Qi Gong) ,
Taoist philosophy, 
Taoist music
Taoist Tea & Culinary Art 

Traditional Chinese Medicine 
and other cultural subjects.

    Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy (WTWA) was founded by Gu Shiyi, who is one of the Wudang wushu inheritors with a Taoist   name as Gu Shining.Master Gu was celebrated for his combined knowledge both in martial arts and Taoist culture. 
  Master Gu's WTWA is characterized by two aspects:

  1. Strong in the research in the Taoist culture apart from martial arts;


WTWA Licence 

Starting from 2015, WTWA launches 6 different programs, packaged with study, relaxation, healing, sightseeing, accommodation. The following is detailed information .
For Whom
For all those who like Chinese culture, esp. Taoist philosophy and wellness arts, i.e.Tai chi, Chi Kung and meditation. If you’ve planned to become a Tai Chi chuan instructor or managed health carer, please consider our program. Or you simply plan to re-energize yourself.

What To Learn 

  • We mainly teach Tai chi and Qi Gong orientated to health enhancement. For those who are also interested in learning some martial arts, youcan expect to learn some Wushu (martial arts forms ).
  • The students chiefly learn skills to heal themselves. One can also get Qi Gong treatment from healer in our school if you feel you need a quick recovery from the unwell physical situation.
  • Besides learning basics or forms on the training ground, you can also get theoretical lessons on various aspects of Chinese culture. Classes of TCM,Mandarin,calligraphy, traditional musical instruments are also offered. must

Who Teach

( Detailed info about teaching personnels you can refer to sub-title of Master of the website )
Master Gu Shining is the main instructor of Tai chi and chi kung. As he speaks perfect English, he will also acts as translator for some theory class given by others when needed;

There are various teachers, residential or invited, in charge of different subjects.

On some occasions, assistant coaches can be helping organize class after they have been instructed how.

I must point out that, apart from the teachers in form of a human being, there is a great teacher --- he is nobody but the GRAND MT. WUDANG !   ---------- Master Gu 

Where To Stay


This is the chief place for the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy,your Central China Retreat

     For years, we have struggled a lot in search of a right place for Taoist wellness training,cultural study;a place for relaxation, meditation ....... finally we've found it !

  Up in the mountains or below the mountains? We have made a choice to set up the school up in Wudang Mountains. The reason is: Wudang Shan boasts to be the cradle of internal martial arts and 
it offers amazing environment for Taoist practice.
     Near the Taoist temples or far from them? Considering that some classes to be given in temples is necessary for students, we attach much importance to the easy access to the ancient buildings. Wudang Mountains is a huge area covering 312 square kilometers, Where exactly a school is located is very much an issue.
      To have school in one or few hotels ? Yeah, we once ran our WTWA at Wuyaling Parking Lot , a clustered hotel area. But eventually, we came to find problems. On the one hand, that added to our cost and then to the students' cost, on the other hand, the clients by and by grow certain dissatisfaction with staying in hotels.
      Simply sleeping there to spend nights is OK, but to run a school, esp. an institution that should have Taoist feature, needs something more than that. 
     So now we are having and will run our institution in the place as shown in the above picture. This is a place of peace and quiet, of tranquility. We are happy to tell those we love Chinese tea that we also have a tea plantation ! To live in nature , to nurture your life !      

We have also downtown residence, Gushi Ju(顾氏居), which is Master Gu’s home. The house 
consists of two apartments on 7th and 8th floor. The nice and spacious balcony,overlooking the whole Wudangshan Town, serves as a training ground.

There is possibility that Master Gu can be invited to teach in the South of China. If you coincidentally come in winter and insist being taught by him, he would happily take you along to wherever he is and teach you there. Another option is being taught by Master Bi, the founder of Laojun Yangsheng Gong.

WTWA boasts to have unparalleled environment. it's easy to take trip to anywhere, from palaces to temples, from rocks to caves, from peaks to tea plantation. you are free to take a bus or go on foot to your destination. Nevertheless, the most important thing is we have never-surpass surroundings for practise . surrounded by mountain peaks, green teas, trees and flowers , with birds singing around us, waving your hands to practise Taoist tai chi chuan, or sitting comfortablly with beautiful mountains in sight and nice tea in your mounth, you will feel being life an immortal !
( please just wait to see more pictures related)


How Much for Various Programs 
The prices differ because of different choices of accommodation !



10~14 DAYS)





with private bathroom 

3,600 CNY

10,000 CNY

20,000 CNY

20,000CN Y/M
200,000CN Y/Y

200,000NC Y/Y



1,500 CNY

6,000 CNY

7,000 CNY





1,200 CNY

4,000 CNY

5,000 CNY



35,000 CNY/Y

IF you prefer to stay rather than hotel area and mean to stay in a place of tranquility and if you can afford to pay room with private bathroom, you can choose Level A ;
IF you have to budget and at the same time want to stay in a hotel, you can choose Level B. But we must tell you in advance that there is a distance of 10 minutes by bus;
IF you like to stay with the fellow students in WTWA, if you value every moment at the school, if you wish participate more activities with all of us , you can choose Level C !

BTW: apart from the program above, you can stay however freely you like. 
How To Pay
We agree to receive payment in currency on your arrival or, prior to your arrival, by international transfer. The following is the needed information:

Bank Account No.:6216617605000333911 
Name of Card Holder:Gu Shiyi 
Name of Bank:中国银行武当山旅游经济开发区支行(Bank of China,Wudangshan lvyou jingji kaifaqu Branch )

When To Come
We suggest you participate a program starting from the beginning of each month.

How To come

A one-month tourist visa is OK for you to come to China.No worry:

We are able to help you renew your visa for legal stay,each time for 3 months at least.

  If,for some reason, you need an invitation letter, let us know.We will right away post you a letter to the address you’ve offered.

Today, there are many international flights link Bejing, the Chinese capital, and Shanghai,one of the most influential cities in the world.

From these two cities, you can take flights or trains to come in direction of Wudangshan.

The nearest train stations are Wudangshan Train Station and Shiyan (NOT Xi’an !!!) Train Station. The Nearest airport is the Xiangyang Airport before the Wudangshan Airport is completed the end of 2015.

How long do you need to travel to our school? That depends on what kind of transportation you take.The relevant information will be told you when you are about to come.

We will arrange pick-up for you if you request so.                                                                 





Caterina Falli(Nationality: USA  Duration: Nov.19 -26, 2013 )   

 I came to the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy as a beginner in Tai Chi. Though I have only stayed a week, I have learned a tremendous amount. Master Gu is a patient instructor with much knowledge. We learned not only Tai Chi, but also about Taoist philosophy. Practicing outdoors with beautiful mountains behind us, I was able to get a deeper feeling for the spirit of Tai chi in a way I had not experienced in the West. Outside the instruction, I can say that the meals were excellent and the community of staff and students very welcoming. I highly recommend the Taoist Wellness Center to the beginner like me, or anyone seeking a deeper cultural understanding of Taoism and Tai Chi.

Sherry (Nationality: England. Stay June 29,2011 - July 10 ) 


    I had the great privilege to study Wudang style Tai Chi Chuan with Lao Gu (this is how we call Master Gu ) at his mountain retreat in July 2011. I had studied another style of Tai Chi in the UK for three years, but this was my first opportunity to learn Wudang style. Lao Gu taught me the 33 form and his excellent English language skills and clear precise demonstrations made learning from him a pleasure. Most classes were conducted on the roof terrace overlooking spectacular views of Wudangshan and when the weather was less favourable I trained in the spacious training hall, with mirrors and air conditioning.
   Highlights of my stay at Lao Gu's school are morning health preservation exercises on the roof terrace, walking with Lao Gu along hidden mountain footpaths when my teacher would share the treasures of Tai Chi and Taoist philosophy with me , practicing Tai Chi in the temple courtyards near the school and of course, Madame Zhang's excellent home cooking three times a day! I would greatly recommend the school to any student wishing to learn Wudang Tai Chi.

Gordian (Nationality: Germany. Stay June 29,2011 -July 5)


  I stayed only for one week at the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy on Mount Wudang. The Enviorment and Location of the school is wonderful and I learnd many basics and the complete Wudang Tai Chi 33 Form. The tuition of Lao Gu is full of details without being overloaded and he was really flexible and spontainous to make the stay at the school to an unforgetable week. Accomodation and food left no wish unfullfilled. I have decided already to come back this year for a longer stay. 


Job (Nationality:Dutch. arrival at the beginning of 2007.A genuine lover for Wudang Martial arts)


Hello my name is Job, and I come from Holland. I have been training here for 1 month. I love this place because i learn the things that interest me and the nature is very beautiful here. It is these 2 things that make my stay fun! 

Georg from Germany, a three year student in our school when in old site
(Arrival date 2007-10-12) 


I am in Wudangshan since September 2006. I really love the senery here. You often can feel the powerful but soft energy of the mountains; just like the amazing martial arts, that have developped here. Often, when I go somewhere on th mountain I am newly charmed by that great appeareance. So I am very happy to be able to study martial arts in such an environment and with such a good master, knowing excellent martial arts and being kind in his heart. 
Thanks to headmaster Gu Shiyi, for giving me the chance to learn at his school; and thanks to my parents, for helping me financially and supporting my decision.

Ana ( 2010-6-12)


I am happy to come to this school of Martial arts, where everybody are fantastic. 
I like very much the training and the methodology. 
Whole environement provide necessary balance of mind and body to learn Tai Chi Chuan. It is important to understand more the concept of this art in this cultural context. 
Thank you because I became more conscious of my self.

Angelica ( 2009-4-9) 
I found a local for training and studying in which i feel at home. 
A home in which the kindness of people i have never felt in other place. 
The integration of my self was easy and the exchange of knowledge was very precious. 
I received all that they have to give to me and i feel that they received all that i had to give to them. 
It's good to feel that i belong to a world in which doesn't exist diferences between races, cultures and ideologies 
We are all in one.'

Sandra (2008-9-6) 
It takes time before the COSMOS understands what people want or they need. 
For me it was a course of changing with some exchange also, kindness, where 
we created a strong effect. 
I consider the school the eternal exchange to understand the students.

Sofia (2007-8-25  )                                                              
It's trully a big sensation to feel that we are in the heart of all the traditional culture of China and of the Universe, and to have access to that - the martial arts, the internal martial arts, the I Ching, the Taoism... Here we can work our counscious and our uncounscious alltoghether and be a more complete being!