To Master Gu Shiyi,
   It is very honored for me to meet you and learn Tai Chi from you. Also to know that you are playing music because i also played music as a child. Finally Wudang is a very special place for me and i was very excited. Thank you!

Thank you very much
Im very happy to have had the chance to meet you and learn from you is the tranquility and the quietness the breathing and that everything have yin and yang in the movements.
Thank you very much.

Dear Master Gu,
   After a very long search, and during this journey, finally find the road of balance, the road between the yin and yang, the road of peace.
   Thanks for your special guidance to the road of wholeness.

Dear Master Gu,
   I really enjoyed your teaching, and company. Hearing you speak English slowly made me very calm. Your humility, calmness and energy really inspired me. Thank you very much for this opportunity.


Dear Master Gu,
  Thank you so much for teaching us over the past one week at wonderful Wudang Mountains and for your beautiful music. I greatly enjoyed learning from you --- even though i have only very little ( to none ) experience in Tai chi.
  Though our time together was short, I am certain that none of us will ever forget it !


Great Master Gu,
   You have inspired me with serenity, calmness, simplicity and might.
   I have set backs in my life. And this inspiration will help me to set free from some ( or maybe all ) of these set backs and unlock the potential within me.
  I thank you for this spiritual journey, and I hope that with time I’ll be able to pass this feeling forward.
   Thank you !


  Thank you for your warm hospitality. I found your way of life very relaxing,kind and soft. Your peaceful mind and movements are truly admirable !
  I hope to keep it in mind wherever i go. Thank you for that.


Master Gu,
Thank for a wonderful perspective, harmony, tranquility and Tai Chi.
I hope we’ll meet again.